Monday, June 22, 2009

My Road to Fame

I decided to become famous. I also decided to blog about it. Hence, the creation of this blog aptly entitled, "My Road to Fame." My intention is to write about my experiences as I venture into the unknown world of acting. I am excited but there is a lot to do. First, I have to start taking acting classes which I already have lined up, then I need to lose some weight because everyone knows, skinny people make better money (right?). Somewhere in the midst of all of that I need to get an agent and start making movies so I can get my name out there. After all, you can't be famous when no one has heard of you.

If you have any suggestions-helpful suggestions-please share them with me. My success is depending on it, don't hold out on me!


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  2. Hey,

    I saw your blog update on my Facebook's news-feed. I decided to follow your blog because I too have a blogpost blog. I blogged(?) in my blog for a few months but then it died. I still check it sometimes. Man, how many times can someone say blog in one paragraph? Anyway, good luck with your adventures and I hope for the best.

    -Sam Carroll