Sunday, June 28, 2009

Headshots, Acting Classes & Attitude

I will be going to my first acting class ever on Monday and I am so jazzed about it! I think it will be uncomfortable but in the best way possible. I was talking to my dad about it tonight (he wants to be/is an actor too) about how it is hard to be normal when there is a camera in your face but that watching yourself is the only way to get better. The class will allow me to see where I am starting from and that is really exciting. I also have an appointment to get some pictures taken for headshots on Tuesday, so step by step I am starting my journey.

I can't explain how weird, scary, exciting, empowering, etc. this all feels. There is a strange vulnerability to following your heart. Even talking about it makes me nervous because what if it doesn't work out? Well, I am not letting that stop me because I really want this. It is also funny to see/hear the reactions from family and friends. Everyone supports me for the most part, but I know it isn't the most responsible plan considering how few people actually get to be in movies and on tv. But, again, I am not letting that stop me. If I fail and nothing comes out of this, ok. At least I can know that it didn't work out rather than just guessing that it probably wouldn't have. And, on the other hand, when it does work out, I will have accomplished and attained exactly what I wanted for my life...I can't even imagine how satisfying that will be. I am almost high on that emotion right now, just thinking about it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Talent Agencies

It has only been a few hours since I last wrote and I am already discouraged. I googled talent agencies in Dallas to see who would be lucky enough to represent me, and most of them require that you already have some acting credit before they will even review your application. I mean, I guess I understand that they can't just meet with every single person who wants to become and actor, but because there are a million "castings" in this area, I want the help of an agent to tell me which ones to pursue versus which ones to stay away from. It looks like I have to be my own agent for a while before any real agencies will even look at me. Unexpected. I also discovered that I need to get headshots made asap. This is going to be difficult but I am still so excited!! It feels good to be doing something you actually like, or trying to, anyway.

My Road to Fame

I decided to become famous. I also decided to blog about it. Hence, the creation of this blog aptly entitled, "My Road to Fame." My intention is to write about my experiences as I venture into the unknown world of acting. I am excited but there is a lot to do. First, I have to start taking acting classes which I already have lined up, then I need to lose some weight because everyone knows, skinny people make better money (right?). Somewhere in the midst of all of that I need to get an agent and start making movies so I can get my name out there. After all, you can't be famous when no one has heard of you.

If you have any suggestions-helpful suggestions-please share them with me. My success is depending on it, don't hold out on me!