Sunday, June 28, 2009

Headshots, Acting Classes & Attitude

I will be going to my first acting class ever on Monday and I am so jazzed about it! I think it will be uncomfortable but in the best way possible. I was talking to my dad about it tonight (he wants to be/is an actor too) about how it is hard to be normal when there is a camera in your face but that watching yourself is the only way to get better. The class will allow me to see where I am starting from and that is really exciting. I also have an appointment to get some pictures taken for headshots on Tuesday, so step by step I am starting my journey.

I can't explain how weird, scary, exciting, empowering, etc. this all feels. There is a strange vulnerability to following your heart. Even talking about it makes me nervous because what if it doesn't work out? Well, I am not letting that stop me because I really want this. It is also funny to see/hear the reactions from family and friends. Everyone supports me for the most part, but I know it isn't the most responsible plan considering how few people actually get to be in movies and on tv. But, again, I am not letting that stop me. If I fail and nothing comes out of this, ok. At least I can know that it didn't work out rather than just guessing that it probably wouldn't have. And, on the other hand, when it does work out, I will have accomplished and attained exactly what I wanted for my life...I can't even imagine how satisfying that will be. I am almost high on that emotion right now, just thinking about it.

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